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Conditions for the Tax & Legal Tech Springboard acceleration program

These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate access to and the use of the Web Site, hereinafter “the Web Site”.

The User shall be the only party responsible for the information included in the Web Site, and shall be responsible for its accuracy and for ensuring that it is kept up to date and is complete.

The Web Site is owned by PwC, which holds title to all industrial and intellectual property rights over it, including patent rights, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights inherent in it (with the exclusion of any data or other contents which may be included in it by the User). Access to the Web Site by the User implies no assignment of any of such rights to the User, and the User therefore may not reproduce, transfer, transform, distribute, communicate publicly and/or make available any element of the Web Site.

Similarly, the User may not include in the Web Site any content which breaches the industrial or intellectual property rights of third parties.

The User shall access the Web Site solely for the purposes of registering the data requested in the form, and in no circumstances may he/she use the Web Site for his/her own economic benefit or that of any third party. The User may neither copy nor amend the Web Site nor allow any other party to do so. 

The User is responsible for obtaining, at his/her own expense, any equipment, software or hardware necessary in order to access the Web Site. 

PwC shall be entitled, at its discretion, to make the Web Site unavailable from time to time for maintenance purposes or other reasons, and PwC makes no representations or warranties to the effect that the Web Site shall be accessible at all times, that access to the Web Site shall be continuous, that the functionalities of the Web Site shall meet whatever specific requirements the User may have, or that the data contained in it are up-to-date, free of errors or secure.

The User acknowledges that the availability, reliability, performance and other aspects of the Internet are beyond the reasonable control of PwC, and PwC shall therefore not be responsible for any interruption to access which may result from such factors, nor for any unauthorized access or alteration of the User's data. PwC, however, does not represent or warrant that documents, files or other data downloaded from the Web Site will be free of errors, viruses or other damaging components. 

The User will be the only party responsible in the event of introducing into the Web Site any element capable of damaging the site, the equipment and/or the IT network of PwC or of any third party. 

The User represents and warrants that any data or other contents it places on the Web Site shall be free of viruses or other harmful components which could damage or interfere with the functioning of the Web Site.

The Web Site is not designed as, nor should it be used as, a principal source or means of data storage, by either of the parties. The User acknowledges that the keeping of copies of the documents the User includes in the tool shall be his/her own obligation exclusively and not the obligation of PwC. 

The User shall in any event be liable for damages of any type incurred by PwC as a result of breaches of any of the obligations incumbent on him/her pursuant to these terms and conditions. 

The User agrees to indemnify PwC and hold it harmless against claims brought by third parties in relation to improper use made by him/her of the Web Site, or default on the obligations set out in these terms and conditions of use, including any liability or expense incurred as a result of claims, losses, damages of any kind, litigation, resolutions, procedural costs and the fees of lawyers or of any other type, it being PwC which shall relay to the User the corresponding written notification of such claim, litigation or action.

These Terms and conditions of use are subject to Spanish law. The User and PwC agree expressly to waive any other general or special codes of law that may correspond to them and submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid any dispute which might arise regarding access to and/or the use of this tool.

PwC reserves the right to amend or update these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, the most recent and that currently applicable version of them being that published at any given time.

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