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All Tax & Legal solutions at PwC Spain

Solutions (sequence A-Z or Z-A)
End to end: A new transfer pricing management model
A new approach to international mobility
Moving towards a new integrated strategic remuneration model
Spain and Portugal, regions of opportunity
Claiming tax paid in violation of Community Law
Mediation and Arbitration. We can manage your conflict together, and more intelligently
Integrated management of international mobility for professors and students
Optimise the management of your legal procedures
Integrated litigation management in the insurance sector
Together we can recover your business
Improving labour flexibility and productivity in the industrial sector
Asset restatement – An opportunity to reflect the real value of your company
Labour law reform: a unique opportunity to gain flexibility and efficiency
Competition inspection
New Internet domains: Your opportunity to obtain a competitive advantage in the Internet
International Tax Management – A step towards a technologically advanced solution
Global Tax Compliance Services - company tax administration
Solutions to mitigate the impact of the tax reform
Licensing intangibles: tax optimisation
Optimising welfare benefits
Collective negotiation and review of alternative agreements during crisis situations
Tax optimisation of managers’ and directors’ income
Vat Package
The gender of the factors does affect the product
Managing intangible assets
Contesting cadastral appraisals – Tax optimisation of real property