PwC's threefold commitment to boost the business world through the Public Sector

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PwC's triple commitment to boost and consolidate the productive fabric

At PwC we believe that entrepreneurial culture should respond to two fundamental needs: the consolidation and growth of business and the incorporation of innovation in production..
To achieve this, at PwC we want to work with the different agents which make up the Public Sector, designing a strategy based on three ideas:
  1. The promotion and consolidation of existing businesses.
  2. The generation of new businesses (incremental innovation and start-ups).
  3. Driving disruptive innovation and attracting talent.

Short, medium and long-term benefits

At PwC we believe that the development of programmes and policies based on strategies of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness can result in many benefits for your Institution:

  • You will have a strategy to promote an entrepreneurial culture, which means discovering new ideas, attracting talent, creating jobs and wealth.
  • You will be able to boost and develop new areas and business for companies through incremental innovation.
  • You will strengthen the viability of many consolidated companies, who will be able to improve the range of services and products they offer among existing sectors. In the long term, this will result in the area having more appeal as a destination for new projects.