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Tax Lease

The European Commission has formally initiated an administrative procedure prior to the declaration of the tax measure as State aid conflicting with the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

Should the tax regime be found to conflict with the European Union Treaty, tax benefits arising from the regime will not be applicable in the future and the obligation to reimburse unduly paid State aid may even be proposed.

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Law 33/2010, which came into force on 27 August 2010, provided a new labour regime applicable to workers engaged in port handling services.

How we can help you

PwC has a large national network of lawyers specialised in these matters and focused on proximity and direct involvement with clients. We also have mixed teams of multidisciplinary lawyers and consultants who can tackle the case from a comprehensive perspective.

PwC has participated in a number of highly successful collective bargaining processes. This is due to our capacity to adapt to each client’s specific needs, based on their size and business culture, so as to provide agile and effective legal solutions that meet their real needs.

Mass Law

Mass law – A success story

PwC has successfully managed proceedings that encompass a large volume of lawsuits in the Transport, Tourism and Services sectors, in which numerous transactions are managed. The mass management of court and administrative proceedings in large and medium-sized companies in these sectors requires optimum human and technical resources which, on occasions, the companies do not have. PwC provides its clients with teams specialised and experienced in administrative claims (pecuniary liability, penalties, etc.) and court proceedings (monetary claims, appeals against tax assessments, losses, etc.)

This is combined with computerised monitoring through a specific application developed by PwC which allows our clients to monitor all their proceedings in real time, bringing clear financial and management benefits: time savings, internal personnel cost reductions, timely processing of a large volume of matters by specialised lawyers, thereby avoiding economic losses on neglected lawsuits. This allow us to offer a competitive, quality service for any number of disputes affecting your company.