Regulatory changes

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The challenge of the new networks

The telecommunications industry, tightly regulated worldwide, faces major regulatory changes in coming years.

The new networks represent an economic challenge for the industry and for the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) itself, which must encourage competition and lay the foundations for investment by the main operators in new generation networks.

These networks will create a new scenario and are already having a major impact on competition in networks and services.

Objective: favour innovation

Regulations must be adapted as soon as possible to this new scenario so as to not hold back innovation and investment by operators. With this objective, regulation must be transparent and favour an environment in which regulation encourages investment by operators in a market in which users demand faster and faster speeds.

The mobile communications segment that is growing most quickly is currently data transmission. Although the available spectrum is now sufficient to meet demand for services, future evolution towards new services entails the need to provide operators with additional spectrum and to allow a more efficient use of existing frequency bands in order to facilitate the fulfilment of new needs, particularly in mobile bandwidth services.