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Integrated solution for online multiproduct sales platforms

Medium to long term sustainability has become the main challenge for online multiproduct sales platforms, which have mostly experienced spectacular growth in recent years.

For this reason, from the technology sector we want to help these companies to complete their success stories through a new commercial solution for the sector with a xLoS approach.

To achieve this, we place at the customer’s disposal a team of professionals from our three lines of business, enabling us to act in seven key areas to contribute to the sustainability of your business: strategy, processes and operations, tax and legal, IT security, reputation, risk management and people management.

The solution will help companies to develop sustainable growth with improved margins, as well as to:

  • Save costs by optimizing their operations and processes.
  • Develop more proactive and thorough risk control.
  • Achieve an integrated back-office and a management team aligned with the new challenges they face.