Success cases

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Spanish construction company
Creation of an environmental and energetic efficiency strategy for a company of the construction industry. Several scenarios were analysed to identify how sustainability can have an impact on each of the constructor’s businesses in the long term.

PwC carried out an analysis of Mercapital’s investment portfolio in relation to the Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI) and created a sustainability strategy to incorporate action plans on ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects.

Gas Natural Fenosa
Analysis of the company’s management of carbon, taking into consideration the requirements of the Carbon Disclosure Project. The analysis included an analysis of the risks and opportunities of climate change, the company’s emissions calculation and reporting system (scopes 1, 2, 3), its targets for reducing its emissions and its policy of transparency in its carbon management and verification of its inventory of emission of gases with a greenhouse effect.

Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs) and Joint Implementation (JIs) projects
PwC has a lot of experience in creating CDM and JI projects (over 200 projects for various industries). Three of the largest projects of this type undertaken at a worldwide scale have been carried out by PwC. We have collaborated in registering a project of 1146 MW in the energy industry as a CDM which has included creating the methodology.

PwC has reviewed the inventory of corporate emissions including emissions associated with its supply chain in all Abengoa companies and validated both the procedures and the calculation of total emissions of its activities with a view to proposing targets for reducing internal and in the supply chain. Also PwC has CSR Report verified with positive assurance. PwC has reviewed the voluntary system of sustainable management of Abengoa Bioenergy biofuels to ensure traceability and sustainability according to the requirements of the 2009/28/EC biofuels directive.

PwC carried out an Energy Efficiency Director Plan by diagnosing the current situation, drawing up the plan and following the plan through the implementation and communication stages.

Regional government of Catalonia
Instigated by the regional government of Catalonia, PwC is creating a time management programme and equality policies in several industrial estates in Catalonia with over 100 companies involved from various industries. An econometric model has been created to measure the effects of these policies on the companies’ results.

Company of the national energy industry
PwC has helped to establish a model for managing groups of interest which is designed to identify enhancements in their key business processes. A system was set up to manage and assess reputational risks and an action plan was drawn up. The results of the work have enabled us to integrate the management of the groups of interest in the company’s Quality, Excellence and Sustainability Model as a key element to identify enhancements.

Several companies of the IBEX
Assistance in implementing a computer system (Enablon modules) for the reporting of sustainability and management of the environment. Assistance was provided with establishing the organisational structure, designing and testing the tool, designing the questionnaires for requesting information and the calculation formulae, carrying out functional tests and analysing the reporting process.