Contesting cadastral appraisals – Tax optimisation of real property

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New environment, new needs

From the start of the economic crisis, a significant increase has been detected in cadastral review procedures due to:

  • Municipalities’ growing financing problems.
  • Cadastral reviews which are a highly efficient indirect instrument at local tax level.

This, together with the collapse of the property market, has given rise to a major gap between the market value of properties and their cadastral value, with a direct impact on real property taxation.

PwC Tax & Legal Services has designed a solution fully tailored to the client’s needs and specific characteristics.

Having analysed the situation and characteristics of the organisation, we handle the contestation of cadastral appraisal directly by contesting the values assigned or indirectly by contesting the individual notification of the value or instigating a cadastral review procedure.

The methodology designed will enable clients to optimise real property from a tax perspective with respect to the costs deriving from the application of cadastral values.