Optimise the management of your legal procedures

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Mass Law, the key to efficient conflict management

At PwC we have developed an exclusive solution specifically tailored to your needs in the management of conflicts arising on real estate transactions, enabling you to efficiently management proceedings.

Our aim is to help you optimise management, reducing costs and minimising the impact of procedure management on your income statement.

To achieve this, our solution combines:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. In other words, we have the best experience in the construction industry.
  • An advanced procedure management technological tool, which guarantees improved claim capacity, potentially growing income and optimising claims management, thereby reducing costs.
  • A multi-disciplinary team that groups together trial lawyers, with noteworthy experience in the mass management of procedures, expert lawyers in mediation and arbitration and IT experts specialising in management tool development.
  • Presence wherever your real assets are located thanks to our 20 offices distributed throughout Spain, ensuring that we work to consistently high quality standards.