New Internet domains

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Your opportunity to obtain a competitive advantage in the Internet

The way in which companies manage their brands in the Internet is about to change. Previously, all websites were configured around the domains “.com”, “.es”, “.org” or “.net”, among others. However, as from 12 January 2012, companies, governments and all other entities may request new global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) reflecting the name of your own brands or services.

In order to request and obtain a new gTLD, rigorous documentation prepared on the basis of a comprehensive analysis must be submitted.

PwC has therefore designed a solution which, besides helping you with all the formalities required to obtain a top level domain, provides you with comprehensive advice commencing with the selection of the best domain option and encompassing your defence in the event of a dispute or fraud. Additionally, we adapt fully to your needs, meaning that if you simply need advice on certain requirements we will make available the best team to provide it.

How will we achieve this? Thanks to the combined work of our experts in intangible asset protection and defence (domain names, brands, other distinctive signs and intellectual property),  technological risks, business consultants and the best legal advisors. They are specialised in all sectors and have a complete vision of the latest trends in each market in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Benefits for your business

You will obtain a competitive advantage thanks to this new way of managing your brand in the Internet.


  • The value of your brand will increase.
  • You will be able to create, administer and regulate the domain. You will also have new opportunities to manage franchisees and subsidiaries, and to organise and find information.
  • Security will increase, avoiding links to incorrect and fraudulent addresses.
  • User confidence will rise and you will access new ways of interacting with them.
  • Your company will be easier to locate in the Internet.
  • You will have new market strategy alternatives.
  • It will be possible to assign and sell second-level domains.
  • Domains may be requested in non-Latin alphabets, facilitating access to new markets.