Integrated management of international mobility for professors and students

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A unique solution for universities and business schools

Universities, business schools and...

When debating how to improve the positioning of Spanish universities and business schools, there is one aspect which all experts agree on: the international nature and presence of institutions is key when it comes to excellence and, therefore, an efficient management of international mobility for professors and students is essential.

However, this need to boost the international profile of institutions is in direct conflict with the current economic environment, with the need for financing and with increasingly demanding legislation in relation to immigration in Spain as well as in many other host and home countries of a large number of students and professors.

According to our experience, the challenges faced by universities and business schools are based on the difficulty in obtaining visas, work permits, obligatory residence permits in home and host countries, the complex beaurocracy originating from tax obligations; the implications of appropriate compliance with tax obligations in countries of origin and destination; and the fulfillment of labour and social security obligations.

An integrated solution throughout the entire process

At PwC we have developed a new business solution which enables us to design a framework for action for international mobility and to comprehensively manage assignment processes taking all implications into account.

To achieve this, we can offer you:

  • Our experts' experience in international assignments, along with our specialists' labour, tax and regulatory knowledge.
  • An advanced technology which enables you to carry out the continuous monitoring of all processes.
  • The PwC international network, with which we have continuous contact in order to anticipate any change in legislation and tax of any country with which you may collaborate.