Competition inspection

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Anticipate and respond with assurance

Our experience indicates that the best response commences long before the inspection. To this end, PwC has designed a complete programme that takes into account each stage of the investigation process.

To carry out this programme, our professionals will accompany you from the outset and will not limit themselves to providing assistance only during the inspection.

Thanks to this approach, you will be in a position to anticipate and respond with assurance and confidence when faced by an investigation.

Benefits for your business

The implementation of this solution will enable you to minimise any risk related to competition controls and inspections. In addition, your business will achieve:


Both employees and managers, your organisation as a whole, will know what to do and how to react.


You can get ahead of the authorities’ actions, eliminating uncertainties and providing reassurance at a critical time.

Map of actions:

You will be able to ascertain the functions and limits of the inspection, individuals’ rights, and the company’s rights.


Our professionals will assure that the inspectors’ proceedings stay within the legally stipulated boundaries.


You will minimise the damage to your image and profits that may be caused by an inspection of this kind.