Integrated litigation management in the insurance sector

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An efficient, centralised and high-quality management

How to deal with frequent litigation

In today's complex environment, the number of litigations faced by companies from all sectors is ever-growing. This means that an efficient management of these types of processes is key for any company. But if it is important for everyone, efficient management is simply essential in the insurance sector, where frequent litigation is the norm.

The long duration of proceedings, the disproportion between the cost and the result obtained and the reputational damage that these proceedings cause, make it more necessary than ever to be committed to a litigation management which is able to manage a large number of proceedings to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

The best solution for the integrated management of your litigations

At PwC we have developed a solution enabling the management of a large volume of litigations, while delivering the quality which can only be offered by the best legal and tax advisory network in the world. In order to achieve this, we use an innovative approach which enables us to simultaneously manage more than 8,500 litigations, regardless of the technical complexity and national geographic location of the legal proceedings.