Asset restatement – An opportunity to reflect the real value of your company

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An opportunity? that rarely arises

January 1, 2013 may be a key date for your company. Last September the Government announced that as from next year companies could voluntarily restate the value of the assets on their balance sheets. In other words, there is a window of opportunity to restate assets, increase deductible amortisation/ depreciation expenses and ensure a fairer presentation of your company’s real and accounting value.

Thanks to PwC’s solution, you will have greater assurance when deciding whether to avail yourself of new legislation. If you decide to apply it, this approach will be key to:

  • Restating your assets and ensuring that your balance sheet fairly reflects your company’s real and accounting value.
  • Enhancing assurance of success and therefore obtaining a greater long-term tax saving.
  • Having the documentation and tools necessary to uphold the restatement of your assets.
  • Improving your profitability by having a restated balance sheet that will facilitate your business, financial relations etc.