International Tax Management – A step towards a technologically advanced solution

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ITM, a flexible, efficient solution tailored to your needs

We make available to you a technologically advanced solution that ensures the optimisation of your company’s global tax management while complying with IFRS. Through an integrated fully-tailored solution, you will have on-line access to the key tax information of your company and subsidiaries: Tax Planning, Tax Risk Management, Tax Accounting and Tax Compliance.

The seven key aspects of our solution

  1. It identifies the opportunities for improvement in order to reduce the tax charge.
  2. It offers an overall vision of the potential tax risks in all jurisdictions.
  3. It ensures IFRS compliance by the Group.
  4. It provides the necessary decision-taking information and enables the adequate management of tax risks.
  5. Assistance with the preparation of tax projects and budgets.
  6. It provides access to relevant tax information for audits.
  7. It guarantees control and monitoring of tax compliance by subsidiaries

Benefits for your company

Our solution will enable you to optimise your group’s international tax function, proactively identifying the areas and opportunities for improvement and contributing value to your business.

  • Experience and efficiency: you will have available a tried and tested tax management solution which will enable you to integrate all systems and processes in a standardised and controlled manner, reducing and facilitating the tax accounting work .
  • Tailored solution: the process will be fully tailored to your company’s characteristics, with an individual balance sheet structure and on-going adaptation to its development and specific needs.
  • Risk management: thanks to the solution, you will be able to monitor the information flow, enabling you to detect any bottlenecks early and foresee possible tax risks.