Ready to go - Foreign Exchange Management

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What changes with Ready to Go?

Ready to Go, the computer platform designed by PwC, will enable you manage the exemption for employees working abroad on an integrated basis, assuring compliance with applicable legislation.

As you know, the exemption for work performed abroad can reduce tax pressure on earned income. However, the administrative work load and multiple requirements involved make the application of this exemption unduly complex. We have therefore developed a platform which will enable you, simply and without any increase in your resources, to manage the exemption for your professionals’ work abroad efficiently on an integrated basis, assuring that the correct tax treatment is applied.


  • Through Ready to Go, PwC will check and validate compliance with all requirements.
  • Ready to Go allows you to manage this area without increasing your internal resources.
  • Ready to Go calculates the applicable exemption automatically based in the input data.
  • Ready to Go enables the orderly filing of all documentation for each employee.
  • Ready to Go can be used online or implemented in your company’s RP (SAP or similar).