Global Tax Compliance Services - company tax administration

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Isn’t it time to reconsider your view of tax optimisation?

PwC offers a tax management service which is perfectly tailored to those business groups seeking to improve tax compliance. Many tax and finance directors and managers recognise that there is a lack of control and follow-up of tax matters in their companies and subsidiaries and this is a situation which cannot be allowed to continue, taking into account the trend towards the establishment of corporate governance and control.

Within this new scenario, PwC is excellently positioned to provide tax solutions, involving strict cost control and standards that guarantee consistent quality, on both a local and international level.

Our solutions

  • Specialist international and local tax administration services.
  • Global coordination of an international service with a single contact that facilitates control.
  • Specialist tax administration centres and qualified tax teams in each country.
  • Advanced technological solutions such as the new web-enabled tool Encompass, which guarantees more transparent and accessible tax management control and follow-up.