Optimising welfare benefits

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Thinking about their employees’ future

Unvalued welfare benefits

Current compensation systems tend to remunerate employees on the basis of performance, rewarding their contributions to a company’s results while helping to raise their motivation.

However, in their collective agreements, on an industry or company level, some businesses maintain remuneratory items which are not in line with the above approach, which include:

  • Length-of-service and retirement awards
  • Christmas hampers
  • Marriage gratifications
  • Death gratifications
  • Childbirth gratifications
  • Study grants

Our basic objective is to optimise the structure for welfare benefits and other remuneratory items to align them with market practices and trends while at the same time achieving a tool for attracting and retaining talent, focusing on control of the company’s risks and costs.

Our advice comprises the following stages:

  • Stage I: Diagnosis of current structure of welfare benefits and other remuneratory
  • Stage II: Implementation of the new welfare benefit structure

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