Collective negotiation and review of alternative agreements during crisis situations

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General conditions: a cost optimisation tool

Many companies developed their policies in boom and growth environments which led to collective and company agreements which improved on the terms and conditions of the sector agreements.

Because of the new economic reality, these structures need to be revamped through cost savings to ensure that the current downturn can be overcome and the company is ready to face the changing environment and future plans.

Therefore the definition of a strategy to renegotiate collective and company agreements and review employment conditions can be a tool to:

  • Save costs which, even as acquired rights, were already envisaged by the company.
  • Generate cash which entails the possibility of obtaining budgetary surpluses that were previously aimed at covering such employment conditions.

In PwC Tax & Legal Services we have a specialist team in the Labour Department with extensive experience in providing advice and developing cost optimisation projects in the negotiation of employment conditions with its own proven methodology and the collaboration, where necessary, of HR consultants.

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