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End to end: A new transfer pricing management model

Taxation, in general, and transfer pricing, in particular, are facing more challenges than ever. Tax areas are more exposed than they have even been to the tax authorities, media, government, shareholders etc. and their own managers and directors. The CFO demands visibility and certainty in relation to the company’s estimated and real results. The finance / control area calls for clear guidelines on how to calculate and assign transfer prices while general management demands clarity of roles and responsibilities in all the areas involved.

A new approach to international mobility

At PwC we have developed a unique model to ensure that your employees’ expatriation is a success story: our team combines experts in international HR management, immigration services, labour and tax advisory services and remuneration strategy, always from a twofold perspective.

Moving towards a new integrated strategic remuneration model

We will accompany you throughout the process. In this respect, we have innovative tools and models that include a remunerative diagnosis, the definition of improvement plans, the design of compensation plans through to their roll-out and review.

Spain and Portugal, regions of opportunity

In the current environment marked by globalisation and international expansion, employee mobility between countries is increasing along with the definition of roles and corporate responsibilities on an international level. Governments in Spain and Portugal have introduced tax incentives for individuals in order to attract and retain talent. The tax reform underway in Spain since 2015 will in fact be another step towards the development of a favourable framework to help companies attract, motivate and encourage their executives.

Claiming tax paid in violation of Community Law

Our team specialising in International Taxation and Tax Procedures has developed an exclusive solution which may mean for your company: 1. Recovering cash. 2. Improved profitability. 3. Optimising investments