India: A key market for your business

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Your presence in India is not an option, it’s a necessity

The Indian market presents unique opportunities for Spanish companies, both large and small-and-medium sized businesses, in important sectors such as infrastructure, technology, R +D+i or renewable energy, but above all it puts an insatiable demand for products and services within their reach.

Despite this, India still remains the great unknown for Spanish companies. Why? There are varied reasons including the actual complexity of the market, its cultural and religious diversity, a legislation that varies according to each region, consumers that are extremely price-sensitive and an apparent bureaucracy which makes many businesses reject the option of expanding their operations in this country.

However, all these difficulties may be overcome and  at PwC we know how to help Spanish companies do this.

The PwC solution for your success in the Indian market

At PwC we have developed a solution which enables us to accompany you if you are considering entering into the Indian market or if you are already present there. We will do this by adopting an integrated approach irrespective of the expansion stage of your business.

Our India Desk specialists will accompany you during the entire investment process, co-ordinating the work of our specialists with the local team on site and assisting you in negotiations with possible Indian supplier shareholders.

We will design an exit strategy from the outset which will deal with any political, social or economic instability, thus allowing you to minimise all the risks associated with your activity in India.

We will also help you develop a strategy which will permit you  to optimise your investment the moment you have obtained maximum output.

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