China: Trusting that everything will turn out right

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China, an opportunity for growth

China is the world’s second largest economy. In 1980 there was practically no middle class. However, by 2015 the Chinese middle class will have grown to 600 million (almost double the total US population). Moreover, policies have been started up to favour investment and labour costs are relatively low.

It is therefore essential to ensure that such an important decision is supported by real knowledge of the Chinese market and a strategic plan offering absolute trust and assurance of success.

In China, with confidence

At PwC we have developed a commercial solution, enabling us to accompanying you from Spain to the destination in China which best suits you, with Spanish professionals and a fully integrated and secure approach irrespective of whether you are starting out or already installed.

Infografía internacionalización en China

In order to achieve our aim, we combine in the same team:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market: we have a Spanish Desk in Shanghai. And … what does this mean? At all times you will be accompanied by professionals of PwC Spain, who work jointly with the local professionals of our offices in China.
  • PwC is the #1 firm in the Chinese market with more than 13,500 professionals in 22 offices in 16 of the country’s leading cities.
  • Specialist sector knowledge in each of the key areas involved in the process: market analysts, experts in the search for funding, regulatory and tax advisors (specialists in international taxation, expatriates, customs or exchange control), experts in strategy, negotiation, risks, financial reporting, corporate governance or change management.

Internationalisation: an opportunity for growth