Do you know how to gain maximum advantage from your transaction?

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SPA Services

We optimise the transaction value in the preparation and negotiation of the sales-purchase agreement (SPA)

The SPA plays a key role on any transaction: it represents the outcome of the negotiations of the price and main business aspects of the transaction and may make all the difference between a good transaction and an exceptional transaction.

At PwC we have designed an integrated solution that will enable you to face the sales-purchase negotiations from an advantageous position: you will know how to identify and highlight the key financial and accounting issues (from both a buyer and seller position) and achieve the objectives set for the transaction, ensuring its success.

We will accompany you throughout the transaction process with our integrated approach which will involve our team of specialists in deals and negotiations, with experts in each of the areas involved. Besides, we have specialists in each of the key sectors of the economy. Irrespective of the sector in which you operate, you can be assured of working with experts in your line of business.