Strategic planning

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Strategic planning requires carrying out an exhaustive evaluation of a company’s competitive positioning and defining with the Management Team the principal action lines towards which all areas of the organisation shall direct their efforts in the following years.

At PwC we have a team with vast experience in these types of project and for all sectors, although each project is unique.

Potential problems

For any company, not having a medium-term strategy and not reflecting on the aspirations and goals of the same, can limit its growth in the short-medium term and even its feasibility in the medium-long term. A strategic plan facilitates future vision, permits assessing the reality of the Company and can even serve as a planning, co-ordination and communication tool of the same.

How we can help

  • We start by reviewing the current situation of the different businesses and organisation of the Company to understand the priorities of the same, its areas of concerns and the historic evolution of the section in which the Company operates.
  • We focus on the action areas defined together with the Company’s Management, establishing investment needs and expected return from each strategic initiative.
  • We draw up an action plan with a calendar of prioritized tasks for transferring the previously defined initiatives to the actual implementation of the same.

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