Innovation is the answer

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We raise innovation to the highest power

Innovation is a key lever for corporate growth and differentiation, even more so in the current economic context.

Most companies understand its importance; however, they find it difficult to transform their ideas into profitable growth projects.

A number of Spanish companies fail to achieve their maximum innovation potential due to cultural or organizational reasons or to a lack of internal or external partners, implementation issues or other causes.

At PwC we know how to help you:


PwC's Global CEO Survey evidences that the implementation of innovation projects is one of the areas that most concerns the surveyed executives.

PwC's multidisciplinary capacity enables us to optimise the impact of legal, tax, and financial matters on the return on innovative investment.

Innovation must be integrated into corporate strategy and all the components of the innovation model must be aligned.

Our goal is to turn innovation into a lever for differentiation and for achieving a positive impact on your income statement.

Thanks to our solution you can develop a profitable innovation portfolio in products, services, new technologies, business models, etc., and you will be able to implement an innovation model aligned with your strategy, which is more effective and efficient in its implementation. In conclusion, we will help you to innovate more and better.

Innovation map

Download the innovation map (PDF).