Training is business

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Prove its impact and get results for your organisation

There is proof of the positive effect that training has on important areas such as talent retention or the level of employee commitment. However, this is not sufficient. Organisations should also evidence that they apply what they learn to the job and own strategic development of the business.

It is therefore essential that your organisation:

  1. Ensures that training is aligned with business needs.
  2. Improves the quality, consistency and uniformity of evaluation processes.
  3. Measures the impact of training on the business.

However, our experience has shown that organisations, and in particular, training or talent managers often find it difficult to evidence in a tangible manner the value added that training offers any organisation in the short and medium term.

At PwC we make put at your disposal a team of professionals specialising in your sector who will measure the impact of training initiatives on your business.