Together we can recover your business

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The first comprehensive response to companies in difficulty

At a time when companies are fighting to survive, partial responses are not enough. Companies must respond in a decisive and transparent way, taking into account all areas affected.

We can find the best alternative for you

At PwC we have developed a solution with a totally comprehensive approach which allows us to help companies which are at risk of losing their business, to look for a better alternative for recovery, whether this is refinancing, operational or corporate restructuring, divestment of non-strategic assets or business, or a public tender.

Benefits for your company

Your company will be accompanied through the recovery process. Also:

  • You will have a greater guarantee of success, with our completely independent and integrated vision with experts in transactions, financing, corporate finance, strategy, operations, tax, and commercial and labour law.
  • We help you to anticipate and transmit relevant information and therefore you will have greater assurance of having the support of the players that could play a key role in your recovery.
  • Flexibility and control. You will have a single, independent contact, who will keep you constantly informed of all the details of the process.
  • Trust. We will protect you at all times, and even when it is impossible for the company to avoid liquidation, our experience will help you to defend your interests as administrator.