Business Case 360º

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A key component of your global sourcing strategy

In order to ensure the success of a sourcing strategy (externalisation or centralisation) and guarantee the return on the investment, we have developed a solution: Business Case 360º, a model that exceeds the limitations of the conventional business case.

It will offer a panoramic view of all the factors that may impact the global sourcing process and will make the difference between its success and failure.

The way ahead is clear. In order to win the race, we need to move forward steadily and efficiently. That’s why companies that prepare a solid business case, track it carefully during its design and implementation and continue to manage all its key components over time,  will be the best positioned to achieve the expected return on their investment within a reasonable timeline.

The business case should respond to questions such as: what areas of support and processes should we take into account? What locations? With what cost savings, ROI and payback? Am I following the appropriate strategy for my organisation?