Adapt your own and your subsidiaries’ Corporate Governance model to your expansion strategy

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Security locally and anywhere worldwide

A robust and flexible corporate governance model is the best guarantee of the success of your international commitment. To achieve it, it is essential to combine the best Corporate Governance experience and an in-depth knowledge of the key markets for your company.

Flexibility and consistency. Two sides of the same coin

At PwC we have developed a solution which will help you to evolve towards a Corporate Governance model, enabling you to move forward and respond confidently to the increasing complexity facing your company in its internationalisation.

If you are present in several countries or if you are embarking on your international expansion, you need to develop a model which offers a balance between flexibility and robustness. In other words, you need a governance model which is sufficiently flexible to facilitate your company’s growth strategy and sufficiently robust to deliver security and minimise risks.

However, each company needs to find its own formula. The most efficient corporate governance model will depend not only on the company’s own risk culture but also on the environment and sector in which it operates.

How do we achieve it?

By combining in a single team the experience of our Corporate Governance experts with specialists in all areas affecting your business: risks, processes, regulatory environment, internal control, business development, legal and tax experts and auditors. All of them will specialise in your sector and have the support of our professionals in more than 158 countries.