A comprehensive solution for your 2.0 reputation

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The environment in which we operate has changed. Your company is already present in the web, whether it planned and wanted to be or not. The explosive arrival of social networks or the upsurge of digital diaries have changed the rules of the game for companies. This is neither better or worse; it is simply different. It implies a new framework, in which a new language is used, and which can no longer be responded to using traditional strategies. Only a solution involving specialists in security and technological risks, corporate reputation and 2.0 communication, and lawyers specializing in the Internet and crisis management, will enable you to respond effectively to the new challenges presented by the 2.0 environment.

Only PwC can offer you a comprehensive advisory service enabling you to manage in an efficient and coordinated manner all the factors which may impact you firm’s reputation in the 2.0 environment. We place at your disposal a multidisciplinary team, made up of the very best specialists in::

  • IT security and technological risks
  • Corporate Reputation
  • 2.0 Communication
  • Lawyers specialising in the Internet and in crisis management

Our specialists are experts in the sector in which your firm operates and the techniques and know-how we apply are those employed in best practices in the market. This service will be provided to you with the thoroughness and professionalism, and in accordance with the risks control policy, of one of the world’s leading professional services firms.