Sustainable operations: energy efficiency and CO2 emissions in your company

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A new challenge in energy efficiency

According to current forecasts, energy consumption will have doubled by 2050. At the same time, the Kyoto Protocol requires emissions to be cut by half by 2020.

This general picture means that companies are facing a new challenge: they must reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the face of the foreseeable growth in demand and prices, without this affecting their results. In other words, they face the energy efficiency challenge.

To optimise energy consumption and emissions by your company, PwC places at your disposal a solution which enables you to monitor online and determine exactly your company’s consumption, by unit produced, by batch, by production line and by processes, energy data obtained from meters being crossed with process data.

The PwC team of specialists will help you detect inefficiencies, focusing measurement as necessary (on process, batch, product etc.), and will develop a realistic plan of action which enables you to monitor, in real time, the energy situation of each and every one of your processes.

This innovative solution will be the starting point for the implementation of energy efficiency measures which will have an impact on your income statement.