Optimize your model for the delegation of authority, responsibility and decision making

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A complex environment which requires simple and flexible decisions

The economic crisis has caused tension for companies, which sometimes pushes situations to the limit and should be dealt with without hesitation, accelerating decision making and with the best guarantees for success. Also, in this ever competitive and complex environment, decision making requires the participation of different departments and people, which could slow down the process.

In order to draw up a plan of decisions and responsibilities, it is essential to expand the analysis of the company’s existing internal control model, particular circumstances and business environment. It is also important to have experts in the key situations which may need to be dealt with, for example those relating to tax, legal, finance, labour, human resources, etc.

Companies are aware of this and of the difficulties involved, however, sometimes there are obstacles to organising and involving executives in the organisation and coming up with appropriate answers. Why? According to our experience, in many cases companies do not have efficient systems for making, monitoring and assessing decisions and responsibilities.