Advanced risks management for a new economic environment

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The rules have changed; your risks control system needs to change too

Until now, organisations have defined risk management strategies enabling them to respond more or less efficiently to a specific environment. The current context, however, is far more complex; the variables have not only changed, but multiplied too. And any error in the decision-making process can clearly pose a threat to a company’s viability.

Companies need to respond with a comprehensive approach which combines key aspects of the organisation itself (business objectives, strategy, processes, risk areas, internal control, operations etc.) with a unique understanding of the numerous variables which affect the market in which it operates (legislative framework, regulatory issues, etc.).

Similarly, to cope with the demands of this new environment, a company must be able to process this flow of information usefully, effectively and speedily, through a flexible system which has been tried and tested.

GRC Suite will enable you to identify your company’s main risks and controls, establish their value, assess them, and create response strategies which maximize the return on capital and allow for the pro-active supervision of processes.

At PwC we have designed an exclusive solution which, in addition to responding to the demands of this new environment, provides you with the key needed to convert risk management into a competitive advantage for your company.

Our solution brings together the very best advice provided by PwC specialists – in the risks, IT, business consulting, strategy, internal control and legal areas – and a technologically advanced application in a web environment which is simple, accessible, efficient and tailored to meet your company’s needs.