Does your Corporate Governance model address the expectations of your main stakeholders?

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Nobody doubts that stakeholders should form a core part of any Corporate Governance model, especially when it comes to shareholders, regulators, proxy advisors, analysts and investment funds.  However have you thought about: What type of information are they looking for? To which policies and aspects do they pay more attention? Are you  addressing expectations? Is the information delivered correctly?

Compliance is not enough. In today's environment, where stakeholders have more capacity and influence than ever, companies must go a step further in developing their Corporate Governance if they wish their model to address the main stakeholders' expectations and, above all, if they wish to reinforce its most valued tool: trust.

To achieve this, it is essential to study stakeholders' concerns and expectations in-depth, attain constructive feedback and, above all, to have professionals who are able to transform this information into specific actions for tangible improvements to their Corporate Governance.