Risk Management and Planning

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A new planning model through risk management

Today's environment is much more complex and volatile than it was a few years ago. The vulnerability of companies to any alteration in the market has grown exponentially and just one small change could have an enormous impact.

Integrate risks into your planning model

At PwC we have designed an innovative solution which will enable you to develop a dynamic and flexible budgeting and planning model which manages the uncertainty that your company may be faced with.

To achieve this, we provide you with the best risk experts to carry out analyses and study how to adapt your catalogue of risks; with specialists in statistics, to analyse the relationship of all external variables and their impact on budgeting through value ranges linked with probabilities; and with experts in planning, to develop budgets in line with any risks identified.

How do we achieve this?

We include the following in the planning process:

  • External variables or indicators like GDP, raw material prices, interest rates, exchange rates, etc.
  • The most significant risks and opportunities inherent in your business activity (operational risks, for example).
  • The identification of important factors from the analysis of past deviations in order to include them in future plans.