Control of Key Decisions: Implement your strategy effectively through the management of critical risks

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From the strategic plan to its effective application

Numerous studies have shown that for a large majority of CEOs and senior management personnel, one of the keys to business success is the capacity to bring their company’s internal organisation into alignment with its corporate strategy. Many companies, however, have great difficulty in applying their strategy effectively.

Aware of the need in this area, PwC has developed a solution which, based on the KdC (key decisions control) computer tool, identifies all critical decisions and establishes a monitoring process which facilitates their alignment with corporate strategy. This platform will guarantee that your company’s risks are monitored and that its strategy is efficiently managed.

The new PwC solution will help ensure you make the right decisions in areas of particular importance for your company, such as:

  • Decisions with a global impact on the organisation as a whole, which affect compliance with its strategic business objectives, its raison d’être and, in general, the development of the company and the control of new business activities.
  • Decisions implying an important commitment in terms of human resources and those affecting several of your company’s processes.
  • Decisions which will be difficult to reverse and which will have an impact and consequences which affect the organization for a long time.
  • Or decisions affecting the company’s risks map.