Executing a successful IPO

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Our objective: to accompany you throughout the entire process

Converting your business into a listed company may be a very rewarding experience, but it involves a period of intense pressure and major changes for your organisation. If the required field work is not carried out and the initial preparatory work is not undertaken, its stock market flotation may be doomed to fail before it has even got off the ground.

In PwC we are very clear about this, our experience having shown us that the most successful stock market flotations are those which have been best prepared.

Our objective is to help you simplify the process, accompany you through it, and prepare your organisation for its new life as a listed company.

Key areas in which PwC can help you:

  • Preparation
    • Initial general diagnosis
    • Equity story
    • Group structure
    • Financial reporting
    • Communication and reporting systems
    • Corporate governance
    • Human resources and corporate culture
    • CSR and sustainability
    • Vendor Due Diligence
    • Market selection
  • Access  
    • Choosing Banks and other advisors
    • Auditing of financial information, including special reports
    • Bank Due Diligence reviews
    • Preparation and review of the Prospectus / IOM
    • Production of other legal documentation
    • Marketing / communications
  • Continuance
    • Periodic financial reporting
    • Annual Corporate Governance report
    • Relevant facts
    • Other communications
    • Integrated reporting