Advanced Management Audit: Your response to a new economic environment

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Your response to a new economic environment

We operate within an environment which is becoming ever more demanding of Spanish companies.

The consequences of the economic crisis and the increasing demands of stakeholders are making it necessary, to respond effectively to challenges in both the long and short terms, to seek independent evaluation from business organisations.

PwC proposes an Advanced Management Audit in response to this situation. This consists of an independent and objective review of the way in which your company operates, to ensure that its business objectives are being met, assess the level of efficiency and effectiveness of its operations and the use it makes of resources, and ensure that the levels of supervision and control are those required to address business risks, thus guaranteeing the long-term continuity of the business.

This is a new audit concept which will enable you to act independently and in an integrated manner in relation to the four main factors affecting the continuation of any organisation.

  • Governance: What does the organisation want to do and what for?
  • Efficiency: How does the organisation go about this?
  • Efficacy and effectiveness: What results does the organisation obtain?
  • Supervision and control: How does the organisation guarantee, monitor, and supervise the fulfilment of its established objectives?

The Advanced Management Audit, in addition to helping you obtain a detailed analysis of your company’s current situation, will provide you with a competitive vision from the benchmarking and sectoral positioning perspectives, and offer you a dynamic view of your company’s future situation.

The Advanced Management Audit is an additional guarantee which will generate confidence among your company’s stakeholders. It will afford you a differential advantage in an environment tarnished by both the loss of companies’ credibility and the credit crunch.