Comprehensive risk-based remunerations management

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The answer to the new regulatory environment

It is the moment to give clear answers

It is widely held that remunerations of executives in the financial sector are one of the causes of the worldwide financial crisis. The remuneration systems which created these remunerations were set up in a different context and did not take into account key factors such as the risks involved with the systems, the consistency needed between the risks assumed by the executives and the financial entities’ appetite for risk, and the size and complexity of the entities’ operations.

This has been the reason for the reaction of the main economic, social and political agents and has caused the financial sector to enter a new regulatory stage where the “comply or explain” principle is no longer acceptable.

Providing answers to this sector requires a new way of managing remunerations. Entities need to establish remuneration systems which meet the demands of regulators and the market and can guarantee the viability of their businesses in the long term.

A global approach, a customised answer

We can provide answers to your entity’s specific needs. In providing these answers, we will focus on specific areas, for instance governance and transparency, but we will always take into account all the areas involved in the entity’s remuneration systems which we have full knowledge of.

Our permanent collaboration with the Bank of Spain, the Spanish Securities Market Commission (CNMV), the Ministry of Economy in Spain, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK and the main regulators of emerging markets places us in a unique position to offer you exclusive advice which meets your requirements and the new demands of the market.