Combating Money-laundering

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The prevention of money-laundering, a sign of good governance

Money laundering is a criminal activity and the implementation of measures to prevent it is a legislative requirement. The currently complex economic environment has favoured the inflow into the system of funds from very diverse sources which are not in all cases lawful. This flow of cash can on occasion infiltrate and even contaminate financial systems, its true origin being masked.

This situation has provoked a response on the part of administrations, leading to the review of regulations in all economic sectors in order to improve the controls over regulatory compliance by organisations and ensure that this can be effectively combined with business development.

An effective methodology to ensure that there is control over a company’s revenues and prevent money laundering will be one which guarantees that prevention measures are implemented throughout the entire organization; this is a clear sign of good governance.

Our solution is applicable to all sectors affected by Law 10/2012: insurance, real estate, finance, remittance firms, lawyers and notaries, the trading of goods, works of art and antiques, leisure and games of chance, telecommunications and professional services.

In addition:

  • Your business activities will be pursued in an environment of trust, security and transparency for all interest groups.
  • You will avoid penalties.
  • You will have at your disposal a consistent compliance function which ensures that reputational risk is properly managed.
  • You will benefit from synergies and cost efficiencies.