Transversal solutions

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Through a multidisciplinary approach, PwC provides integrated solutions in response to the specific needs of central, regional and local administrations. Our in-depth knowledge of the public sector allows us to work successfully in different areas, particularly those that Public Administrations need most.

Cost cutting and austerity plans

In the current complex scenario, we provide solutions to reduce costs (operating, functioning and/or strategic) in a sustainable manner and to implement mechanisms that optimise the use of resources. It is possible to apply measures to become more efficient and devote budgeting efforts to genuine priorities.

Appraisal of public policies

Policy appraisal is a systematic process whereby results are analysed and achievements are attained by means of a public programme or initiative. Appraisal generates precise information on the need for and relevance of public initiatives, which contributes towards the objective selection and discrimination of public actions having the most impact and the involvement of citizens in decision-taking.

Support during technological transformation processes

The Administration requires expert advice in the intelligent use of Information Technologies (IT) so as to guarantee the sustainability and optimisation of investments. Our broad knowledge of the public sector and the application of IT, combined with our independence from suppliers, allows us to offer effective solutions in transformation processes involving organisations with complex organisational and technological environments.

Transformation of public entities

Agencies and consortia provide optimal opportunities to streamline costs, generate synergies and serve citizens in the most efficient and flexible manner. The creation and development of this type of bodies must be realistic and planned. The strategic implementation of such projects generates savings, increases agility and enhances results.

Streamlining and shared services

Streamlining is applicable in a number of areas, from structures and people to processes, passing through the functioning and operational model of public sector organisations. The merging of companies, entities or services, shared centres, purchasing centres or any other formula to share costs or risks serve to streamline costs and investments without undermining service quality.

Human resources management in the Administration

Define the public function, posts and responsibilities; evaluate performance; establish a professional career for public sector professionals; or plan human resources well taking into account internal mobility and flexibility instruments permitted by law are areas that can be successfully managed. At PwC we have the resources, experience and knowledge to provide the Administration with advice in such a relevant field.

Public Innovation Plans

Public institutions may undertake a comprehensive, strategic transformation by means of a Public Innovation Plan. This type of projects are usually led by the President’s Office or the Public Administration area and allow a more efficient, transparent, open, collaborative and committed administration to be developed. A defined road map and the steps, indicators or processes necessary to achieve the objectives guarantee that actual improvements are made. At PwC we also provide support during the implementation of innovative initiatives.

Public-private collaboration models

Investment needs and a rise in public service standards result in growing demand for financing. Public Administrations do not always have sufficient resources, but there are formulae for collaborating with the private sector in both infrastructures and in other areas to implement large projects. The search for financing and project structuring and management require specialised advice to guarantee optimisation.

Liquidity generation

A reduction in the high borrowing levels of Spain’s Administrations entails various actions to allow sufficient funds to be obtained. With this objective, Public Administrations may divest in public companies o services and optimise their property assets. This will require both strategic advice to define the best alternative and support during the implementation of the chosen solutions.

Audit of Public Administrations

In the financial area, Administrations also demand independent audit services and verification of the management of European funds or justification of grants. Public Administrations also require advice on consolidation policies, preparation of financial documentation or analysis of financial statements, among other fields.

Transparency and good governance

A transparent Administration listens and involves civil society in the definition of priorities and in the management of public issues. Good governance in the Administration entails clear, honest and accessible accountability and tools must be created to achieve this. PwC provides advice on the implementation of mechanisms to improve internal audit systems, risk management, CSR, online reputation or sustainability, levers that help to build more transparent Administrations.

Technological risks

The complexity of technological equipment in Public Administrations generates a need for expert advice to minimise technological risks, such as those related to data protection, information leaks, identity management or system security. Additionally, experienced technical support is advisable in order to adapt to the National Security System or enhance interoperability between different bodies.

Legal advisory services for the public sector

A Public Administration in full transformation needs to seek new formulae to adapt to a new context. It requires expert advice on technical complex judicial processes, on the application of public contracting regulations or on administrative reorganisation in order to assure the planned objectives. Public Administrations also require support in areas such as the management of or application for grants from other bodies, outsourcing services, environmental matters and human resources.

Tax support

The increasing connections between public and private means that the Administration requires specialised advice on tax matters. Private involvement in public projects, whether in management or in financing, entails the need for up-to-date tax knowledge. Moreover, public companies and other non-profit organisations related to public matters have special characteristics that must be identified in order to optimise their operations.