Specific areas

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PwC collaborates with Public Administrations in numerous areas, projects and initiatives. We are specialists in certain fields due to broad experience, successful projects and up-to-date knowledge.


Justice is one of the areas in which most progress is being made in terms of modernisation and efficiency. Through a multidisciplinary approach, PwC collaborates with Regional Governments, the Ministry of Justice, the General Council of the Judiciary and the Department of Public Prosecutions in a number of transformation projects. We work in fields such as the New Judicial Office, Electronic Judicial Case File, judicial interoperability, provision of judicial services and renewal of procedural management systems.


The labour reform in progress and the difficult circumstances make Public Employment Services increasingly significant. In order to optimise their functioning, PwC works on projects to evaluate Active Employment Policies (PAE), enhance training efficiency, control fraud, collaboration with private placement agencies or executive coaching. We also advise the Administration on the start-up of initiatives to generate quality employment.


Tax Administrations that genuinely seek to provide value to citizens and to entrepreneurs in their territories face a number of challenges: increase knowledge of taxpayers, provide personalised services, develop interoperability, acquire adequate management tools and guarantee the efficient use of resources. These challenges can be tackled successfully through an integrated and coordinated approach. The transformation of the Administration is feasible if innovation is added as a key variable, a process that PwC has successfully completed in several territories.

Social welfare

The complexity of social services, their dispersion among different Administrations and the difficulty of obtaining funds can undermine efficiency and the fulfilment of objectives. Our approach includes the redesign of services from the citizen’s viewpoint and in an integrated manner. In this context, information technologies place a key role in optimising resources, expediting formalities, preventing fraud or facilitating procedures for citizens, such as the Single Social Record or mechanisms to enhance interoperability.

Education and universities

PwC provides advice in different fields to leverage new opportunities in education. We support institutions in numerous areas, ranging from more effective management (recovery of VAT, HR, processes or cost rationalisation) to the preparation of strategic plans, through financial audits. The new organisational models or partnerships (campus of excellence, science parks, public-private collaboration, etc.) open up a broad range of possibilities for universities. More advanced knowledge management is also required, together with the promotion of technological enterprises to drive and develop academic potential.