Industrial product solutions

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Comprehensive cost cutting

Are your company’s costs low? Have comprehensive efficiency programmes been implemented?

We propose and execute cost cutting programmes based on comprehensive insight into the entire value chain of industrial companies:

  • Productivity of direct and indirect personnel.
  • Use of assets and of industrial capacity.
  • Cost of external products and services. We redesign and renegotiate contracts to achieve optimal costs and services.

Integrated planning of sales and operations (S&OP)

Does your commercial team and its operations function in an orchestrated manner?

We help you to design work environments between the commercial function and the operations function, based on an overall demand plan that brings your inventory volume strictly into line with demand from customers.

New Treasury models (liquidity management and financial hedging)

Does your company have the necessary liquidity? Are you optimising the use of financial resources to hedge operations and business objectives?

In order to obtain a return on available cash resources and minimise financing, we analyse, redefine and optimise:

  • Bank structure, cash pooling and their tax implications.
  • Payment factoring and internal banking.
  • Global bidirectional bank communication.
  • Forecasting models.

We review and redefine hedging policies as regards instruments used and time horizons covered. We analyse the financial impact of the hedging contracts at the accounting level and in terms of cash flows.

Productivity of HR and control of absenteeism

Does the company use systems that integrate management information and allow automated processing of HR data?

We help you to improve HR productivity and to manage absenteeism by defining and implementing processes and tools that allow the continuous, automated processing of data generated by presence control procedures, risk prevention, medical service and labour relations, etc.