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On June 1st, the game is on

June 1st is a banner day for the leisure and entertainment industry in Spain, with the government announcing the recipients of online gaming licenses.

On that date, the rules of the game have changed for both licensed companies and those companies without a license that want to take part in this opportunityrich business through possible acquisitions and/or alliances. Drawing from our local and international experience in this industry and our deep understanding of all the implications of the Spanish Gaming Law, we know that whether you win or lose in this new scenario will depends on how efficiently you integrate and manage the following five factors:

  1. Business model.
  2. Transparency and good governance.
  3. Compliance and legal and tax optimisation.
  4. Technological platform.
  5. Customer service.

Our experience

PwC’s solution will help you play your best hand in each key piece to success.

PwC has actively participated in process design surrounding the new gaming law. Together with our comprehensive approach, this makes us your company’s trump card.