Managing intangible assets


Managing intangible assets

Intangible assets are becoming an essential component for more and more companies, especially considering today’s complex environment and the need to move toward innovation-based models, new technologies and knowledge.

PwC has expertise in the digital environment and compliance with the relevant legislation. We take advantage of this to manage information that enhances our clients’ sales function.

PwC responds to business’ technological needs from three different angles: technology as a medium, as a platform from IT development and as a communications channel.

PwC offerd specialised legal advice on key areas of the content and entertainment industry. Businesses in the automotive, retail, telecommunications and finance industries are also developing their own content for improving communications with customers. PwC therefore offers a multidisciplinary approach enabling the creation of new content and its publication in various media.

PwC provides specialised and complete advice on all areas of industrial property. We help our clients to improve their competitiveness and strategic advantages. We help them to enhance their capacity to commercialise inventions, launch their brand on the market, grant licences for their know-how and enforce their trade marks, designs and patents vis-à-vis third parties.

PwC provides protection, prevention and defence mechanisms for companies’ intangible assets because in the new digital environment issues can arise in the ownership and transmission of information, leading to new infractions and improper use of those intangibles.

Adequate intangible planning can help companies to achieve tax savings which can be channelled towards investments. PwC’s multidisciplinary team will help in the design of policies and processes to optimise companies’ intangible asset management strategy from a tax viewpoint.