Planning, defining and implementing your strategy to enter Latin America

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We specify the needs of companies that are interested in new markets

Planning, defining and implementing your strategy to enter Latin America

The decision to select Latin America for the internationalisation of your company must be based on a strategic plan that offers the maximum guarantees of success, and once established, develop management mechanisms that will guarantee the continuity of your organisation in the market, and the preparation of an exit strategy to confidently act upon unforeseen situations.

PwC has developed a methodology based on the analysis of 5 dimensions, used to provide its advisory services with which it prioritises the specific needs of companies that are interested in entering new markets, depending on their level of internationalisation.

Strategic assessment:

  • Designing of business models taking into account the requirements of the new market, and definition of the business plan.
  • Analysing of possible strategic scenarios, as well as, each key opportunity and the associated risks.
  • Identifying of strategic markets with high growth potential, which could provide the company with solid revenues.

Market assessment:

  • Obtaining reliable, up-to-date and accurate information, PwC counts with a widespread presence in the region and extensive experience in this field.
  • Developing an effective market entry strategy and implementation plan.
  • Providing on the capabilities of an integral analysis in order to establish the impact and repercussions of the information in each of the key areas of the investment project and/or the company and thereby facilitate decision-making.

Assessment of the investment structure:

  • Selecting of the most suitable investment model in the long term, taking into account legal, tax and HR aspects, among others, as well as the availability of the activities in question and existing business relationships.
  • Selecting of the most suitable model for action, with an evaluation of the pros, cons and risks of each option, and bearing in mind any existing relationships or business activities in the country.
  • Providing access to our contacts in both local and national governments, who are essential in establishing the appropriate regulatory, tax and business statutes.


  • Selecting of an internationalisation model that is perfectly suited to the company’s current business model.
  • Establishing in the market that is most suitable for the company’s products or services./li>
  • Optimizing the investment according to the needs and capabilities of each company./li>
  • Certifying, at all times, as to whom you are doing business with a critical factor in certain markets or activities that could be related to money laundering or fraud./li>
  • Protecting your company’s reputation anywhere in the world, and avoidance of risky relationships./li>