Growing and operating in Latin America

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Helping you to identify and seize opportunities of growth

Helping you to identify and seize opportunities of growth

The challenges and opportunities do not end with entering into an emerging market. Organic and inorganic growth in the region, management of consolidated accounting and financial information, management of expatriate personnel, effective tax and reporting functions, risk management (operational, legal, tax and financial), local financing and the assessment of possible exit alternatives, constitute significant challenges and opportunities for multinational European companies that operate in Latin America. In this sense, preparation and ongoing improvement is the key to success.

Having a team of advisors such as PwC’s Latin American Centre of Excellence permits companies to identify and seize opportunities for growth, manage risks and effectively optimise accounting, reporting and tax management.


  • Identification and seizing of opportunities for organic and inorganic growth.
  • Cost savings and optimisation of the time required to set up in other Latin American countries.
  • Reduction of risks associated with the construction or improvement of the business support infrastructure.
  • Optimum tax management.
  • Improved monitoring and control of subsidiaries established abroad.