Momentum Project

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Supporting Social Entrepreneurs


Momentum ProjectLast year the PwC Foundation, with the aim of driving collaboration initiatives with our clients and leading academic institutions, joined the Momentum Project, a strategic initiative of BBVA and ESADE aimed at supporting social entrepreneurs.


Momentum Project is an initiative of ESADE, BBVA (PwC GPA) and PwC, aimed at promoting social entrepreneurship in Spain.

  • The aim is to attract social entrepreneurs with potential. Each year up to 10 entrepreneurs who are ready to escalate their projects are selected for them to access an integrated training, advisory and financing programme.
  • A Social Investment Day has been set up aimed at the customers of BBVA Private Banking in order to submit projects annually and look for financing.
  • BBVA has created a financial vehicle for private investors to invest in the social entrepreneurs identified each year.
  • PwC’s role is to carry out an independent analysis and evaluation of the selected projects (non-financial Due Diligence), in order to enhance investor security.

Momentum Project objectives

  • Identify and bring to light social entrepreneurs in Spain.
  • Support the consolidation and development of social entrepreneurs who contribute efficient scalable solutions for social and environmental challenges.
  • Create a support ecosystem for this type of undertakings.
  • Promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge between entrepreneurs, students and managers for the joint creation of social and environmental value.
  • Generate knowledge related to social entrepreneurship.
  • Encourage private investor participation in the financing of social entrepreneurship.