Social Programme

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The PwC Foundation’s social programme is the focus of PwC’s vision. With this programme PwC can seek ways to collaborate with social entrepreneurs, NGOs and institutions to promote social innovation values and a commitment to society by adopting an action strategy based on the premises of collaboration and provision of capacities and resources to help social entrepreneurs and organizations to create a sustainable and replicable social value.

The PwC Foundation, entrepreneurs and the third sector

The main mission of the PwC Foundation is the concept of creating social value. This mission is the basis for PwC’s two important areas of work to:

  • Identify and support cases of social innovation and social entrepreneurs who have an impact in terms of creating social value, and
  • promote the professionalisation of the third sector as a lever to improve its management capacities and, consequently, its capacity to improve our society

With this mission in mind, the PwC Foundation will continue to support initiatives which combine social impact with economic viability.

Our bid

Entrepreneurs which combine business capacities and vision with the pursuit for a sustainable impact in the solution of social problems.

Our quest

Social innovating solutions with real impact in terms of creating value and replication potential.

Our aim

Obtain positive changes which help to improve society, focusing on education, integration and job creation.

Our proposal

We have become the strategic partner of one of the main international organisations which identify social entrepreneurs: Ashoka.

Alliance with Ashoka to promote social entrepreneurs

The PwC Foundation has been collaborating with Ashoka in Spain for two years. Ashoka is the leading international social entrepreneurship organisation which identifies and invests in innovative ideas in the hands of social entrepreneurs to instigate structural and lasting changes.

In collaborating with Ashoka, PwC has assisted the organisation with its internal management processes and has assisted some of the Spanish entrepreneurs which Ashoka identifies every year by giving them professional advice to ensure the feasibility of their ideas.

Momentum Project

Since it was founded, the PwC Foundation has been the strategic collaborator of the Momentum project, an initiative of BBVA and the ESADE Business School created to provide support to social entrepreneurs.

The Momentum project was set up to carry out two areas of work, firstly to create a programme to consolidate and increase the impact of social entrepreneurs, and secondly, to create an ecosystem to support social entrepreneurs.

The PwC Foundation acts as the third member of the initiative and its contribution is specifically aimed at strengthening the confidence of potential private investors who are interested in investing in the business projects of 10 selected social entrepreneurships.

For the Momentum project, the PwC Foundation provides the support of a team of professionals of PwC’s Deals team who carry out an independent analysis and assessment of these business projects of the selected social entrepreneurships.

PwC/ESADE Business School social leadership programme for NGOs

The PwC Foundation firmly supports the Social Innovation Institute of the ESADE Business School in the debate and reflection on leadership and change in NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations.

The collaboration between the PwC Foundation and ESADE is made through the social leadership programme which has the following three aims:

  • Generate and spread innovating knowledge.
  • Contribute to the development of leadership capacities of the sector.
  • Contribute to strengthening the credibility of organisations.

To achieve these aims, the programme carries out the following research, teaching, shared training and circulation of knowledge activities every year:

  • Social Leadership Forum which will continue to alternate meetings between Madrid and Barcelona and which is a means by which directors and executive presidents of Spanish NGOs can gain knowledge and carry out training.
  • Research on social leadership.
  • Annual publication of research work and a practical case of good social leadership practices as well as the conclusions and working papers of the different meetings of the Forum

"Más Social" programme: PwC and Barrié Foundation for the professionalisation of the third sector

For the third year, the Barrié Foundation and the PwC Foundation will carry out the “Más Social” programme, which aims to give social organisations in Galicia guidelines on economically sustainable professional direction and management.

“Más Social” provides the social organisations participating in the programme with a package of resources and support instruments to help them to adequately assess and incorporate managerial aspects such as those stated below into their daily activities:

  • Contracting of staff with experience in management.
  • Technical assistance to an action plan for this staff.
  • Assistance with the implementation of the action plan.
  • Specific training in areas of social management.

Other initiatives of the social programme:

Queen Sofía Foundation – Alzheimer’s project

The PwC Foundation will continue collaborating with the Queen Sofia Foundation and its Alzheimer’s Project, supporting the Foundation with its mission to gain knowledge on the disease and to give support to people who are affected by it in any way.

PwC collaborates with the Foundation in the following ways:

  • Cash donations to the Foundation’s research department for the Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Collaboration with the Foundation’s training centre to draw up documents to be published for families of persons with Alzheimer’s on how they can improve their assistance and care and defend their interests and rights.

Spanish Red Cross

The PwC Foundation is clearly committed to the Spanish Red Cross and they collaborate together in the following areas:

  • Financing of international missions in areas where PwC’s staff carry out voluntary work under the Life! programme.
  • Contribution with pro-bono work.
  • Collaboration with blood donation campaigns by installing mobile units at the doors of the main PwC offices twice a year.

Cáritas Spain

In accordance with the framework collaboration agreement which PwC has signed with Cáritas in Spain to contribute in the fight against poverty and social marginality, PwC will continue to collaborate with Cáritas Spain on several campaigns to raise funds for national and international emergencies.

Spanish Foundations Association (“AEF”)

The PwC Foundation has a close relationship with the Spanish Foundations Association (“AEF”) and has signed an agreement with the Association for various initiatives where they can collaborate together to improve the Association’s management and organisation.

Foundation of Spain’s Organisation for the Blind (“ONCE”)

The PwC Foundation and the Foundation of Spain’s Organisation for the Blind (“ONCE”) collaborate together to boost strategy to support the integration of disabled persons as far as possible.

The areas where the two foundations mainly collaborate together are initiatives aimed at fostering integration into the workforce, training and employment of disabled persons, global accessibility, and initiatives related to the institutional and organisational development of the ONCE Foundation.

Loyalty Foundation

Knowing how important transparency is in the social sector, the PwC Foundation is a sponsor of the Loyalty Foundation, an important organisation for the professionalisation and transparency of the third sector, which was set up to increase the confidence of persons and companies in the activities of NGOs.

Agreement with the Responsible Society and Business Foundation (“SERES”)

The PwC Foundation has closely collaborated with the Responsible Society and Business Foundation (“SERES”) since it was created. The two foundations share the aim to promote strategic business actions which help towards improving social realities globally.

Iker Casillas Foundation

The PwC Foundation collaborates with the Iker Casillas Foundation by helping develop and promote the foundation’s support strategy for disadvantaged groups, especially children, young people in risk of social exclusion and women who are victims of discrimination and/or abuse.

Junior Achievement Foundation

The PwC Foundation closely supports the Junior Achievement Foundation and its programmes on students’ entrepreneurial interests and has actively participated in the “Start-up Programme” where volunteers of PwC advise universities on how to draw up a business plan.

Age & Life Foundation

The PwC Foundation set up the Age & Life Foundation in 2012 and collaborates with the foundation in its mission to promote co-responsibility and balance between the public sector and the private initiative to seek a solution to the economic and social challenges of the ageing of the population.