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Social Economy


Social challenges report

Today, Spanish society faces important social challenges such as unemployment, the loss of household purchasing power or the risk of poverty.

Corporate foundations

Corporate foundations

Corporate foundations: soul of the companies

The number of corporate foundations has not stopped growing these years. Although they are independent entities, the relation with the company to which they belong, is very narrow and has become a fundamental tool to contribute to the community.


PwC Foundation

Jobs of the future in the audiovisual sector

Subsectors with technological core will be those that present the greatest potential for job creation, while traditional media will be presenting a higher risk of decrease in number of jobs.

Social leadership Programme ESADE-PwC

Social leadership Programme ESADE-PwC 2014-2015

NGO and business collaborations that transform society

As part of the ESADE-PwC Social Leadership Programme, during the 2014-2015 academic year we analysed the types of NGO-business collaborations that stand out for their high social impact.

Social leadership Programme ESADE-PwC 2014-2015

Efficiency for social impact: NGOs that improve their performance

Once again, we published the results of a new edition of the ESADE-PwC Social Leadership Programme, relating this time to the 2013-2014 academic year, which focused on efficiency in NGOs.

Social leadership Programme ESADE-PwC 2014-2015

Effective collaboration in NGOs: Strategic partnerships and networks

During the research on NGO collaborations that gave rise to this book, we also wish to contribute concepts, proposals and examples of how to integrate a collaborative approach into sector organisations’ strategies.

Social leadership Programme ESADE-PwC 2014-2015

Innovate for social change: From idea to action

We have sought to provide reflections, proposals and examples of how innovation occurs or should occur in NGOs, focusing on the need for people with the skills required to develop the new initiatives.

Spain 2033 Collection

New opportunities for companies

More social value in 2033

Public-private-third sector collaboration is the forward-looking solution; our report analyses key aspects to generate projects and build shared social value chains that are successful and respond effectively to each party's needs

How can Spanish cities be prepared for 2033?

Cities and citizens in 2033: urban transformation in Spain

In less than two decades, Spanish cities will have undergone a far-reaching transformation, driven by a number of change drivers that initially appeared to compromise their future development.

Collaboration between the PwC Foundation, "la Caixa” Community Projects and Esade’s Social Innovation Institute


Study on the present and future of the social third sector in a crisis environment

A study prepared to analyse Spain's Social Action Third Sector quantitatively and qualitatively and to propose improvements that will guarantee its future and its sustainability.


The Social Third Sector's reaction to the crisis environment

This report addresses the implementation and usefulness of the challenges proposed in the previous report, including a projection of the sector's situation in the coming years.

Collaboration with the Reina Sofía Foundation - Alzheimer Project

PwC Center - IE Public Sector

The Center investigates various aspects of this key sector in the economy of our country.

PwC Center - IE Corporate Responsibility

La expansión de la multinacional española: estrategias y cambios organizativosConsolidated corporate responsibility practices in the IBEX 35:

The main objective of this study is the most established practices in Corporate Responsibility, clearly part of the management system of the company.

Center for Corporate Governance

Observatory of Spanish Multinational Companies (OEME)